2023 Online Show Hope Springs

Crystal describes the artist’s experience as “a lifelong journey that requires joy in slow becomings, and a genuine hunger for mastery.” “I’m seeking to find that place where whimsy and life connect. I believe that is where an artist is both child and master, where art is both a celebration and a silence. This is where the artist has lost nothing in the life of a thing, but has instead given the subject new significance.” Colorado, Crystal has remained dedicated to her education and credits much of her progress to her studies with several renown artists including Casey Childs, Keith Bond, and Tina Garrett. She is heavily influenced by historical masters of the late 1800’s Naturalist movement including Pascal-Adolphe-Jean Dagnan-Bouveret, George Clausen, Edgar Maxence and Jamer Guthrie. Other favorites include American impressionist Mary Cassatt and William Adolphe Bouguereau. Crystal lives in Colorado with her husband, 5 sons, and sole female companion, a mischievous whippet named Indie. In the years since earning her BA in Visual Arts from the University of Northern

Crystal Despain WAOW Associate Aria Oil, 18 x 24 NFS www.crystaldespain.com Best NewAssociate

Crystal Despain WAOW Associate La Primavera Oil, 18 x 18 NFS www.crystaldespain.com



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