52nd National Catalog


Cats of any size, color, wild or domestic have always fascinated me. Whisker Ripples features a beautiful mountain lion whose long whiskers created a swirl of ripples as it sipped the water in the still pond. I wanted to capture and preserve the serenity, power and grace of the moment. I used oil on Aquabord to create the painting’s details from the stones along the shore to the subtle reflection of the cat’s face in the water.

20” x 16” — Oil $1,850

PAMELA MANGELSDORF • WAOW Assoc. • AZ • www.pamelamangelsdorf.com Pamela Mangelsdorf is an award-winning Scottsdale, Arizona wildlife artist with a special interest in painting wild cats. Two wildlife artists who have influenced her style are Greg Beecham and Dustin Van Wechel. In addition to being an associate member of Women Artists of the West, she is also a member of the International Guild of Realism and several state art associations. She received the 2020 President’s Award Signature/Associate at the 50th Jubilee Exhibition of the Women Artists of the West.


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