52nd National Catalog


12” x 16” — Watercolor $795

I came across this large piece of shipwreck along the Oregon beach south of Astoria. In its decay it resembled an abstract sculpture and presented a solid rust and graphite colored counterpoint, reflected in the foreground sand and tide, to the light sea air and the clear blues and teals in the water. I was excited to see what watercolor could do with that contrast. Added to it was my fascination with shipwrecks in general, representing both the courage and drive of humans and the chance of fate hinging on one bad decision or one trick of the weather. I hope that my painting of the wreck gives the gallery viewer the same feeling of discovery and wonder as it did for me on a walk on the beach.

LAUREL MCGUIRE • WAOW Associate • ID • www.laurellakemcguire.com 2022 has been all about travel for me in our RV all over North America on a bucket list adventure. For this trip I’ve been working primarily in plein air, a good challenge. My most recent honor was being included in Splash 23. Some of my work may be found at Mary Williams Fine Art in Boulder CO and at Finer Frames in Eagle ID. My adventures can be followed on betweenrockandart.com and you can catch what I am up to artistically at Laurel Lake McGuire on Facebook and Instagram.


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