52nd National Catalog


Crow’s Nest grew out of a beautifully formed piece of wood I discovered on Vancouver Island where I was hoping to catch sight of the white ravens at Qualicum. I didn’t find the white ravens, but I did discover this beautifully formed piece of wood which transformed into a boat in my imagination. My love of wordplay came together with my favorite subjects, corvids, plus my fascination with the mystique of boats, and Crow’s Nest was born. However, since corvids don’t set out to sea, their boat requires wheels and sails, a bit like prairie schooners of the Old West.

23” x 25.5” x 8” — Bronze $2,750

DEANNE MCKEOWN • WAOW Signature • AZ • www.mckeowngalleries.com Deanne has lived most of her life in Arizona where she finds inspiration for her sculpture in high desert wildlife and the native cultures of the Southwest that surround her. Many of her pieces are based on ancient folklore and magic. She frequently makes humorous or social comment through animal characters who become metaphors for human thought and behavior. Her work is frequently juried into national and international exhibitions and is included in many private and museum collections.


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