52nd National Catalog

WOMEN ARTISTS OF THE WEST Women Artists of the West (WAOW) 2022 Gallery Exhibition features stunning selection of artworks in a variety of genres and mediums. This is our inaugural issue of our 52nd WAOW National Exhibition in this format, with an easy to print and order catalog from the WAOW website, waow.org. We are so proud of this catalog! This beautiful catalog showcases each individual artist and their thoughts behind their work and one of the reasons this piece was juried into the National Exhibition at McBride Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland. It also gives you insight into the personal life of the artist along with the picture of the artist. You will be proud to own this catalog and display this catalog on your coffee table. As our 52nd year draws to a close, it is easy to reflect where we started, see article about WAOW beginnings, and where we are now. As women artists, the WAOW organization promotes women across the nation, Canada and Australia. History tells us that women artists make up 50% of the working artists today. As in the past, women have struggled between being wives, mothers, professional career women and their art. Yet, we are only represented by 3-5% of the museums nationwide in permanent collections. We are striving to change this statistic, through awareness. Quality shows like East Meets West is how we bring attention to the beautiful work by women. We also participate in WAOW group ad campaigns in national magazines, and through social media and education. We strive, as the oldest professional, fully-juried women’s arts organization, to educate, promote and mentor other women to tell their story and put their work in the public eye, through galleries, museums and plein air events. East Meets West proves to be the best exhibit yet. Viewers will see inspiring, challenging, beautiful and elegantly executed works inspired by animals, people, still-life, beautiful scenery and life experiences. Each work tells the artist’s story in her own interpretation, through oil, watercolor, graphite, pastel, or bronze. You can support women artists by purchasing one of these beautiful works of art by becoming a collector or becoming a WAOW Partner or becoming a Corporate Sponsor. This year’s Exhibition is in beautiful Annapolis, Maryland, designated a Top 25 Arts Destination by American Style Magazine , at the McBride Gallery, established in 1980 on the historic City Docks. It is now located on upper Main Street. Annapolis has the designation as being in Top Ten Most Walkable Cities, by American Style .

Come join us in Annapolis and support women artists. We hope to see you there.

Burneta Venosdel WAOW President 2021-2022


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