52nd National Catalog


20” x 20” — Oil $3,400

A few years ago while visiting friends in southern Germany, I stumbled upon this old-world plaza in a little town called Ebingen. Fortunately no modern urban planner has had an influence here. I loved all the gardens and flowers plus the interesting shadow patterns. I was fascinated by all the textures of these historic buildings, especially the timbered one. To bring life to the scene, I added a woman reading to her daughter on a bench.

BARBARA NUSS • WAOW Signature • MD • www.barbaranuss.com Barbara Nuss, a nationally recognized award-winning oil painter from Annapolis MD, is known for her lush landscapes and appealing urbanscapes. Barbara earned a BFA from Syracuse University followed by graduate study at the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore. She values her many years working as an illustrator and graphic designer as valuable contributions to her convoluted artistic journey.


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