52nd National Catalog


13” x 25” — Oil $1,500

The Southwest is a whole new environment for me. I have experienced rodeos, ranches, truck cemeteries, Western towns and walked through old graveyards. I fell in love with the Western scenery and events that are truly unique and I wanted to explore more. Painting and creating to me is part of who I am. It gives me a voice and communicates to the viewer what I see. It creates a dialogue for me to express how I see the world and hopefully bring the observer into my world.

PAT O’BRIEN • WAOW Associate • AZ • www.patobrienartist.com After I retired from a career of teaching art, I wanted to take this opportunity to actually create for myself. I want to achieve a different look to familiar topics. and try to put my personal spin on a subject, to have the viewer take a second look. I have experimented with palette knives, colored undercoat painting, skewing colors, brushwork and different subjects. This is my journey and I want to make the most of this opportunity.


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