52nd National Catalog


12” x 16” — Acrylic $2,300

I really enjoy observing owls. Their intense focus on everything around them is fascinating to me. All owls have excellent eyesight, but barn owls also specialize in acute hearing ability. This owl heard a rustle in the dry leaves below as a rodent or lizard scampered by and was momentarily distracted by the sound. After years of indiscriminate poisoning, barn owls are enjoying a renaissance. Farmers have discovered these owls are prodigious hunters and encouraging them to inhabit nest boxes for pest control is a win-win for birds and farmers.

ANNE PEYTON • WAOW Master • AZ • www.annepeytonart.com There are two criteria for a painting that I place in each finished piece: One is that the final image shows respect for the subject; the second is that viewers can learn something after studying the art. As an avid birder, I spend time studying birds around the Western US. Observing birds and their habits is a way to discover more about their nature. Each action means something for the bird and it is these behaviors that I want to convey to the viewer.


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