52nd National Catalog


14” x 21” — Oil $3,200

The scope of my art subjects are: the proud wild Mustangs in their natural habitat, to the majestic Arabian stallions; the water lilies floating in the ponds of the California Missions; figurative images of people at work; and breathing life into still-life objects. My contribution to this exhibition Bowl of Plenty II , captures not only the red, green, and yellow of the apples with their reflection of the light, but the ceramic bowl which I hand built. Perhaps the apple on the right is inviting the viewers to “bite in” too.

NAOMI SHACHAR • WAOW Signature • CA • www.nomika.info Naomi is a signature artist with Women Artists of the West (WAOW), where she has exhibited consistently (2012 to 2022) in all national exhibitions. Furthermore, she is a signature artist with Oil Painters of America (OPA) and California Art Club (CAC). Special professional pride is to have been accepted and to exhibit in CAC’s Prestigious Gold Medal Exhibition in 2022, 2021, 2019.


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