52nd National Catalog


32” x 15” x 12” — Bronze, edition of 20 $9,500

My sculpture is a depiction of three giant oceanic manta rays summersaulting in rhythmic motion as if they were coordinating an aquatic performance for their vast underwater audience. Intertwining curves exhibit balance and grace, as they effortlessly glide through open waters. Known for their heroic size and elegant diamond shaped wings, these magnificent creatures engage in playful activities while in small groups, usually relating to their feeding schedule. The propulsion from their wings creates a flurry of activity with krill and plankton which are eventually guided into the Manta’s large mouths through movement of their cephalic fins attached near their eyes. Their gill plates on the underside expand and contract, acting like filters during the process of feeding.

KIM SHAKLEE • WAOW Master • CO • www.kimshaklee.com I have been a full-time sculptor for 32 years, dedicating my career to depicting wildlife and marine subjects by transforming static metal into effortless motion. Capturing fluidity is of the utmost importance in my work. My desire is not to mere ly replicate an animal, but to bring life to my subjects by emphasizing beautiful curves into the focal point in of my sculptures. I want people to tactilely and visually experience my creative process.


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