52nd National Catalog


18” x 24” — Oil $2,600

Texas skies exhibit beautiful sunrises and sunsets in my opinion. Tranquility is one of my paintings that was inspired by a picture that I clicked during one of my morning walks at the lake nearby. There are a lot of ducks and other migrant birds here which brings a lot of added peace and beauty. This is one of those moments.

SANDHYAA SHETTY • WAOW Associate • TX • www.sandyashetty.com Sandhyaa Shetty currently works from her studio in Austin, Texas. She started drawing at a very early age under the guidance of her father. After receiving her Bachelors in commercial art from the College of Fine Art, Bangalore, India, she worked in ad agencies. She knew that her calling was to be a painter and decided to return to her passion full time when her marriage brought her to the US. Her immense regard for the rapidly disappearing natural landscape, strengthens her intent to freeze it all on her canvas and hopes that this pristine beauty is preserved forever.


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