52nd National Catalog


11” x 14” — Oil $950

Every once in a while the high desert country of AZ where I live gets a surprise snowstorm before the autumn leaves have disappeared, leaving the trees barren for the winter season. Changing Seasons came as a result of my plans for some serious plein air studies, that are always on my radar, before the leaves have taken their vacation for the winter. This is a small side road on our ranch that has some beautiful cottonwoods in a meadow. The air was crisp and chilly, with some beautiful light and shadows, and I was able to quickly get my study before the leaves started fluttering down.

MARLA SMITH • WAOW Signature • AZ • www.marlasmith.com Marla is a rancher from Prescott, AZ, specializing in oil and pastel mediums. She gathers most of her reference material from the ranch, which includes numerous horses, cattle, and beautiful areas for landscapes. In reflecting on being raised in a rural setting, it offered me the opportunity to share what life is like on a ranch, in addition to producing beautiful artwork to be shared with others. My place is in the West, and I love to share the beauty, and give others a peek into our corner of the world.


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