52nd National Catalog


While exploring the streets of a little tourist town near Taos, New Mexico, I came upon this old jerry-rigged pickup. The rusted finish exposed textured layers of bright red, green and orange that begged to be painted with a palette knife. Brilliant color notes from the cobalt sky and vivid yellow license plate provided an entertaining contrast to the drab hues of the dry, dusty parking lot.

30” x 24” — Oil $850

LAURIE SORKIN • WAOW Associate • CO • www.lauriesorkin.com Laurie Sorkin’s medium is predominantly oil but she also works in watercolor and pastel. Her work features broken strokes of color and layers of paint. Being particularly interested in composition and the structure of a painting, Laurie finds inspiration in a variety of subjects including still life, florals, landscapes, figurative, and city scenes.


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