52nd National Catalog


11” x 14” — Oil $1,150

Stealth is one of a series of paintings documenting the generations of wildlife living in the Aspen forests surrounding our Utah home. I’ve watched this bull elk mature in the years since he separated from his mother’s herd. In this portrait, I’ve tried to portray his beauty and a sense of his soul as he looks at the viewer. It’s sunset and he is grazing very close to the trail that I’m hiking. I hear a sound . . . I look right and there he is about 20 feet away! He has watched me so many times he’s not afraid. He knows the routine—I take my photo, I bless him, and I look up to the heavens and thank our Creator for this exquisite moment in my life!

ANDRIA SULLIVAN • WAOW Associate • CA • www.andriasullivan.com I love being an artist! My greatest inspiration comes from the natural world that surrounds me. I am fortunate to live in beautiful places. My work is usually about what’s right in my backyard and explores the interconnectedness within nature. I am a member of the California Art Club, Women Artists of the West, and Oil Painters of America. I have received numerous local awards. I also enjoy showing my work at art festivals in southern California and Palm Springs.


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