52nd National Catalog


16” x 20” — Oil $1,800

Artists pass a scene and something about it grabs them and makes them have to paint it. Born in Texas, one of my favorite things is to go to Colorado for two weeks in the winter and experience snow. When the pines are covered with snow, that makes me want to paint the scene, as was the case with this one. The light was perfect, and besides the pine, there was the best log I’ve ever seen by the tree, dipping into the water. Do you see it? No, because I had to take it out. It was the hardest thing to do, but it was stealing the show from the pine. I didn’t want to, but I had to be sure the star of the show remained the star! I like it better without the log and will include him in another painting.

CECY TURNER • WAOW Master, Emeritus • TX • www.cecyturner.com Much of Cecy’s work is done plein air, and she lives half the year in Colorado, where she paints daily. A Texas native and graduate of Vanderbilt, she did postgraduate study in art at University of North Texas. Feature articles about her have appeared in Art of the West, Artists Magazine, Watercolor Artist Magazine (cover) and she was chosen by Southwest Art Magazine as an “Artist to Watch.” Cecy holds signature memberships in NOAPS, AIS, NWS, WFWS, Outdoor Painters Society, AWA and PAAC, and is a past president of WAOW.


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