52nd National Catalog


We each are presented with moments in our lives we can “relive” some sad, some happy and some magnificent....if we but slow down to enjoy and savor the good and beautiful presented to us...If we will but see! Savoring this fleeting moment on a small cattle ranch in western Oklahoma was such a moment! I, as an artist, can in no way, mimic the beauty I witnessed that evening at sunset, when a major storm bank was approaching from the west creating Pillars in the Sky.

11” x 9” — Pastel $850

BURNETA VENOSDEL • WAOW Master • OK • www.eaglechiefstudios.com Burneta, a national award-winning bronze sculptor and pastel artist, is current President of WAOW, a signature member of American Plains Artists, Signature of American Women Artists and member of Ozark Pastel Society, Arkansas Pastel Society, and Oklahoma Pastel Society. She was a Western Art Academy Scholarship Program (Houston Livestock and Rodeo Art Scholarship Program) Instructor at Schreiner University, Kerrville, Texas. Burneta was born and raised in northwestern Oklahoma, a fourth generation descendant of Oklahoma Land Run.


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