52nd National Catalog


16” x 24” — Pastel $2,000

Sadly, this place no longer exists. As with much of smaller towns across America, things are changing quickly. The old is torn down to make room for a newer faster generation. There are fast food and dollar stores even in my small town. I think it is a double-edged sword. Progress and availability are great, but we end up losing the charm of a small town. The rural area in which I live was once slowly dying and is now being revitalized with destruction of the old. Whatever changes happen, I know the moon will keep reflecting the light of the sun and glinting off whatever man chooses to lay down.

CAROL STROCK WASSON • WAOW Assoc. • IN • www.carolstrockwasson.com Carol Strock Wasson is a signature member of American Women Artists, Pastel Societyof America, a Master Pastelist member of Chicago Pastel Painters, and a Master Circle Member with International Association of Pastel Societies. She is focused on painting with spontaneity and freshness using the pastel medium in the genre of the rural area she lives in. Carol teaches and works at Strock Wasson Studio and Gallery, located in Union City, Indiana.


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