52nd National Catalog


12” x 16” — Oil $1,400

I find it amazing how Mother Nature gives us a huge roar of color explosions just before the landscape slips into hibernation once again. The dramatic hues from deep magenta to bright yellow and orange fading into grey/lavender challenge me to reveal them in all that glory yet hold back to not overrepresent their saturation. This painting represents a collection of ideas I pulled together from many photos of my walks in the mountains of the West.

GINGER WHELLOCK • WAOW Master • CO • www.gingerwhellock.com Ginger Whellock has described the “West” as her home for 50 years. Her paintings have been invited or juried into many major national shows across the US and have won a significant number of awards in both pastel and oil. Ginger has also earned signature membership in Plein Air Artists Colorado and Pastel Society of Colorado. Ginger’s work is full of color and light, a sense of space and distance perspective together convincing us of real three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface.


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