52nd National Catalog


10” x 16” — Oil $1,200

Garden Favorites is almost a revisional title as I find whatever is blooming in my garden could be my “favorite.” For example, I have nineteen peony plants that create a whirl of feverish painting in June, trying to capture the blooms in my garden. I also cut unopened blooms and store them in the refrigerator for later paintings. I love painting phlox, daisies and balloon flowers in July and August. The colors of the pink, purple and white blossoms are inspiring and so harmonious. In this painting, I brought the cut flowers in my studio and created an informal grouping to paint. I was drawn to a beautiful, melodious movement of colors and light in the complex forms.

SUE WIPF • WAOW Signature • MN • www.suewipf.com Born in California and raised on a farm in Minnesota, Sue has had the privilege of learning how to work hard and respect and love the land around her. Sue lives by a small lake frequented by trumpeter swans, great blue herons, eagles, hawks and ducks. Her studio window faces the west where she can view the lake and the sunsets, a daily inspiration. Sue is always looking for wondrous abstract patterns in nature in her own garden, and also in the native grasses and flowers at a nearby park reserve.


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