52nd National Catalog


We welcome you to East Meets West -- whether you are visiting the show in person at the beautiful McBride Gallery in historic downtown Annapolis or online. It is a feast for the eyes and soul -- presented through the efforts of individual artists bringing forth their best work and a team of wonderful WAOW women who make the show happen. Our hope is that the art strikes a chord with you and that you’ll choose to take at least one of these beautiful pieces home. It’s a joy to be back in Annapolis at Cynthia McBride’s warm, inviting gallery. For all of us, it’s been awhile since we’ve had the chance to enjoy gathering together to just soak in the inspiration inherent in art. Expect some exuberance. Please introduce yourselves during our opening weekend or let us know what you think of the show. We are all ears. Oh, plus four eyes and two big hearts.

Jill Banks and Suzanne Morris, Show Chairs Jill Banks 703-403-7435 jill@jillbanks.com www.jillbanks.com Suzanne Morris 804-370-0099 sgmpaints@aol.com www.suzannemorrisstudios.com

Love a piece? For pre-show opening inquiries, please contact the artist for additional information about the piece. Sales will be through McBride Gallery. All pieces must be included in the exhibit.

Turn the page to start the show. Enjoy!

Suzanne Morris Annapolis Harbor


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