52nd National Catalog


13” x 24” — Oil $2,000

This painting was an inspiration from all my years of riding horseback with my cousins and friends. I lived very close to my cousins growing up, and we all had horses. It was so much fun riding and playing dress-up on horseback with them. I invited my two cousins and a friend over for a photo shoot and had them ride across my field on two of my horses, and one of theirs. The picture came out so nice, I couldn’t wait to paint it. The feeling of fun on horseback. So many memories.

YVONNE BONACCI • WAOW Signature • CA • www.yvonnebonacci.com Yvonne was born and raised on a cattle ranch, riding horses all her life and working cattle with her dad. “I love people and horses, it’s no wonder most of my paintings are of animals and people.” Yvonne has won numerous National and International Awards and has been inducted into the Elk Grove Hall of Fame and awarded the “Iris Award” for her success as artist and dedication to the arts in the Community.


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