52nd National Catalog


12” x 12” — Watercolor $675

Several years ago, wearied by the threats of Covid, political turmoil and global warming, I decided I needed to bring the calming effect of flowers into my life and work. Since then I have been painting Colorado gardens and the extravagant displays of wildflowers that appear every summer all across the Rocky Mountain Front Range. In addition to creating studio paintings, I am also making illustrated journals as I visit these places and documenting my growing fascination with both cultivated and native plants, their habitats and their crucial role in supporting Colorado ecosystems. The painting I have submitted for this show, “November Garden,” is of a rock garden in the Gardens on Spring Creek, in Fort Collins, CO, and a part of this ongoing series.

MARILYNN BRANDENBURGER • WAOW Assoc. • CO • marilynnbrandenburger.com Marilynn Brandenburger has been painting and exhibiting professionally since 1980. Marilynn’s paintings have appeared in more than 80 national exhibitions and multiple publications. She specializes in painting landscapes and gardens, in ink, watercolor and gouache. Marilynn grew up in suburban Chicago, attended Tulane University and earned a Master’s degree at Florida Atlantic University. In 2014, she and her husband moved to Colorado where they enjoy exploring the gardens and parks of their adopted state at every opportunity.


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