52nd National Catalog


12” x 16” — Oil $1,400

Lately, I have expanded my interest in landscape painting to focus on florals. There is a challenge to capturing the delicacy and subtleness of blossoms. I like studying the way the flowers turn and dance, the light catching the edge of a petal, the variety of greens and shapes of their leaves. I paint from life, bringing bouquets up to my studio—in this case, Amaryllis flowers I grew this past winter. Since flowers tend to fade and droop, I also photograph them for when I want to study their structure more closely. It’s a very peaceful process that brings me joy. Each flower is a portrait, each painting a conversation. I am awed by the beauty around me, and the living Spirit of Nature.

LANI BROWNING • WAOW Associate • MD • www.lanibrowning.com Lani Browning, an award-winning plein air oil painter for over twenty five years, is known for her distinctive skill with colors, and the quiet elegance and soft tonalism of her paintings. Her travels around the country and abroad, and her love of the land have contributed to her focus on the landscape. Her years of experience show in her confident and mature brushwork. While still enjoying the landscape, Lani is currently exploring a new vision of expressing herself by focusing on flowers and still life. She resides on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.


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