52nd National Catalog


11.5“ x 12.75” — Colored Pencil $875

Lily and Frog was inspired by my backyard pond that graced us with the blooming of water lilies and the appearance of a pair of Northwest Red Legged Frogs. The pond has become a refuge for us and this year, became the breeding home to several Northwest Green Tree frogs and Red Legged frogs.

JEANNE CARDANA • WAOW Associate • OR • www.jeannecardana.com Oregon artist, Jeanne Cardana’s works are primarily done with high quality color and graphite pencils. Jeanne’s training as a Biological/Wildlife Illustrator, attention to detail, strong connection with the natural world, and love and lifetime experience with horses translate into her work as an artist. Spanning 40 years, Jeanne has produced and exhibited award-winning equine, wildlife, and western art pieces. Jeanne is a WAOW Associate, signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and Cowgirl Artists of America, and an Elected Artist of the American Artists Professional League.


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