52nd National Catalog


30” x 30” — Oil $9,250

It was very satisfying to paint this dignified young man from the Fort Hall, Idaho Powwow. There is a sense of confidence most of the small dancers display at the powwows, evident even in the smallest toddlers. This sweet boy was no exception. It seemed fitting to give the painting an American flag as a backdrop because I’ve always been impressed with the patriotism of the Native American tribes. They proudly present the flag along with the Native American staff at their events during the Grand Entry. They honor their veterans and show them the utmost respect. Thus the title American Boy seemed the only choice.

MARY ANN CHERRY • WAOW Master • ID • www.maryanncherry.com Cherry was raised in rural Montana. The country lifestyle led to an appreciation for nature and wildlife and a strong respect for the culture of the state’s Native Americans. Painting the Western subject matter is now Cherry’s way of giving back to friends, family, and art enthusiasts. In her spare time, Cherry writes an art mystery series.


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