52nd National Catalog


12” x 16” — Oil $1,200

Who says blondes have more fun? I do. Or at least they ARE more fun, perhaps. I loved painting this lovely mare with the beautiful pale amber coat and white mane strikingly balanced against the dark background. This is my framer’s horse and a favorite subject for me. I have painted her in various sizes and back grounds, always enjoying the process, but none of the backgrounds are as dynamic as the play of dark against light as in this piece.

MARY ANN CHERRY • WAOW Master • ID • www.maryanncherry.com Cherry was raised in rural Montana. The country lifestyle led to an appreciation for nature and wildlife and a strong respect for the culture of the state’s Native Americans. Painting the Western subject matter is now Cherry’s way of giving back to friends, family, and art enthusiasts. In her spare time, Cherry writes an art mystery series.


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