52nd National Catalog


11” x 14” — Oil $1,700

This is a scene that we are blessed to have right out our front door here at the ranch. We have a small creek that runs through the middle of our ranch from one end to the other. The cattle and horses drink from it, and it is used for our irrigation for our pastures and hay fields. There have been so many beautiful evenings and morning sunrises across this pasture over the years. I truly could paint a different one every day for the rest of my life and never really capture the beauty in each day. The animals that graze it and the seasons continually change, but the everlasting beauty in the sunsets and sunrises are always there. It is my home…

SHERRY COBB-KELLEHER • WAOW Associate • CO • sherryspaintedhorsestudio.com Growing up, some of Sherry’s earliest memories were watching her mother and grandmothers paint. They patiently taught her how to look at the world with an artist eye by tapping into her abiding love for animals and life well-spent working the land. Being born and raised on a ranch in Colorado gave Sherry the intimate knowledge of her subject. She continually seeks out the moments that “tell a story of the animals and people” that inspire her.


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