52nd National Catalog


14” x 22” — Oil $3,500

The enchanted landscape of northern New Mexico is a panoramic blend of sun, sand and stone set against an endless western sky. Such is the inspiration for me, as a painter, and for this particular work. The high desert is subtle and quiet. The light has a life of its own and a simple glance yields nothing of its genuine beauty. It takes time and some effort to “really see” the warms and cools both in light and shadow tip-toeing through this rugged landscape. It is a shy land and only gives up her secrets to those who take the time to sit and see.

JAN D E LIPSEY • WAOW Signature • NM • www.jdelipsey.com Jan Marie is a celebrated landscape oil painter of the West who loves the land. This year, she was a featured artist in Art of the West Magazine (Jan/22) and Western Art Collector Magazine (June/22). Her work can be seen at Legends of the West Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, NM and The Karen Wray Gallery in Los Alamos, NM.


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