52nd National Catalog


The Kiowa people have a group called the Kiowa Black Leggings Warrior Society. Every year, the Society holds a ceremony demonstrating respect for their war veterans. Members of this exclusive society wear regalia that has not changed since their customs were first documented in the 1870s, including a roach headdress of porcupine quills, royal red capes, beaded breastplates and black leggings covered by colorful loincloths. The stories of these Kiowa warriors stretches back centuries through oral histories. The red capes pay tribute to a member who took a similar cape off of a Mexican officer during a long ago raid. To sculpt this piece, I attended the ceremony and obtained permission from the elders, since t he ceremony and the regalia are copyrighted.

28” x 14” x 14” — Bronze $6,000

MARGARET DRAKE • WAOW Associate • TX • www.margaretdrakestudio.com Margaret was raised in Northwestern Colorado, and currently lives on a ranch near Glen Rose, Texas. After retiring from pharmaceutical research in 2009, she studied three-dimensional portraiture, then moved on to figurative sculpture, studying from masters in the field. Her works have appeared in numerous juried shows, and won awards including “Best of Show”. One of her pieces is at the Museum of Western Art on permanent exhibition; another is owned by the city of Houston and on permanent display at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.


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