52nd National Catalog


It feels as though moments of peace and tranquility are rare and sporadic at best these days. I will often revisit my father’s farm in western Maryland since he has passed… It is still a location of powerful tranquil landscapes where grazing beasts and lush farmland coexist in perfect harmony. I traipse up to the top of the hill and overlook a scene which always manages to fill me with wonder and hope. On this particular twilight evening, I was rewarded with this transcendent vista, the sun sparkled as it glimmered in a softened rainbow hued sky, which culminated in a violet dusky tone where sky met land. I was filled with a deep sense of protection and was reminded that we are never alone and are in fact guided.

20” x 16” — Oil $3,200

CHRISTINE G. DREWYER • WAOW Master, Emeritus • MD • christinedrewyer.com Christine Graefe Drewyer is the current President of American Women Artists. She has been President of WAOW 2014-2017 and an advisor to the Board for 8 years. She is the Publicity Chair of Washington Society of Landscape Painters. Recent awards include Purchase Prize Award at the Haggin Museum, 2nd Place Masters Award, America the Beautiful WAOW and The America the Beautiful Masters Award WAOW 2021, 2D Award of Excellence at the AWA-2022 Customs House Museum Exhibition. She is a member of many fine art organizations.


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