52nd National Catalog


Draft horses represent a strong, sturdy majesty to me.

They stand for resilience and a

willingness to work hard. I particularly enjoy painting the different textures, particularly metal as it often reflects images from the surrounding landscape.

20” x 20” — Oil $2,500

KATHY ELLEM • WAOW Associate • AUSTRALIA • www.kathyellem.com I grew up on my family’s apple orchard in Beechworth, NE Victoria, Australia. I spent many years pursuing a variety of career paths including high school teaching and financial planning, but it wasn’t until I picked up a paint brush that I finally found what I was put here to do. Painting didn’t come naturally. I enjoy the challenge of creating an image that looks realistic but when the viewer gets closer they see a plethora of colours and textures that are created when mixed on the canvas rather than the palette.


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