52nd National Catalog


16” x 20” — Oil $1,900

Foxes, they say, are believed to be the symbol of wile or cunning. Perhaps this is why the red fox is hunted for sport. With their bushy tails pointed ears and narrow snout, they are a member of the dog family. On a trip to Montana, I had the pleasure of observing and photographing this four-legged vixen, a female fox. It was late summer so she still had her summer coat, much thinner than her winter coat. Racing through streams and climbing over fallen tree trunks I must have taken over a hundred photos and glad I did because she has been the subject of many a painting.

MARLA EPSTEIN • WAOW Associate • CA • www.marlaepsteinart.com Marla is an award winning artist who has exhibited in museums and galleries across the country and is collected both nationally and internationally. She studied Art at SUNY Oswego and the Copenhagen University in Denmark. Attended workshops with acclaimed artists Greg Beecham, Julie T Chapman and Johanne Mangi. Living within walking distance to the Pacific ocean and driving distance to the desert and mountains enables Marla to experience, photograph and paint what she enjoys most...wildlife.


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