52nd National Catalog


12” x 24” — Oil $1,400

For fifteen years I lived in the tall pines of Arizona, and was active in fishing, hiking, and exploring in that area. The beauty of the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest and the White Mountain Apache Reservation is astounding…but the old logging roads are often very rough, even for 4WD vehicles - we call driving them rock-hopping - so early morning starts are a necessity. Yet, as sleepy as I am at that hour, the sideways morning light streaming through the trees never ceases to thrill me as it reveals the exquisite beauty of stands of aspen and Ponderosa pine. This particular scene is from the Reservation just south of Boy’s Camp, and, while typical of the area, has its own special moment of magic.

GWEN M. ETHELBAH • WAOW Signature, Emeritus • NM • joyouslakestudios.com Gwen is a signature emeritus member of WAOW. She was raised in California, where she studied the West Coast impressionists. She loves painting landscapes of the Southwest, and even owned a gallery for several years. Now living in the mountains of New Mexico, she enjoys the wide open spaces, although the forests and lakes of Arizona keep calling her back. She was active on the WAOW Board as president, treasurer, and show chair of several events, and now is on the Board of Plein Air Painters of New Mexico.


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