52nd National Catalog


Both of my paintings in this exhibition, Remembrance of Things Past (previous page) and Maiden’s Sweet Song , focus on subtle interpretations of what I am craving in the world right now: beauty, peace, and harmony. My working method pays homage to the masters of Realism and the tradition of academic painting. I work from life and photographs. These oil paintings begin as detailed drawings to which a number of glazes are applied, building deep values, rich colors, and harmonious composition.

8” x 8” — Oil $2,200

BARBARA FOX • WAOW Associate • NY • www.barbarafoxartstudio.com Barbara Fox is recognized for her accomplished realism in a variety of mediums including graphite, charcoal, watercolor and oil paint. Her artwork is exhibited and collected internationally, received numerous awards, and has been selected for publication in fine art books and magazines.


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