52nd National Catalog


We are all unique individuals. Our personal journey through life is unlike anyone else’s. To me, Solo represents a man who has lived the majority of his life on the periphery of urban society. His path has been a more quiet one. The blue buildings in the background represent a city that he shows no interest in. He is comfortable being on the outskirts of chaos and in his own company. His modest appearance shows no desire for attention and the loner cloud sends its acknowledgement of a man flying solo.

24” x 12” — Oil $2,600

ILENE GIENGER-STANFIELD • WAOW Master • OR • www.ilenegienger.com Ilene’s first intensive studies were in portraiture where sensitivity to capturing the character of her subjects honed her drawing skills. Always open to learning, she then began observing subjects in a more abstract thought process regarding seeing only color shapes and how they fit together. This observation of shapes led to a broader range of subjects such as landscape and figurative. Another influential injection into Ilene’s current painting style was striving for more original and clean color. Gienger-Stanfield’s images are pared down to essentials and the viewer comes away with having viewed natural, simplistic and truthful art.


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