52nd National Catalog


15” x 22” — Watercolor $2,500 A friend introduced me to her son, a competitive rodeo rider. He invited me to the Winchester Wild West grounds. This is a place where one can practice for real competition in the rodeo arena! I quickly became fascinated with the way the riders tied their boots on so as to prevent an accident. It became the focus of my interest from the knee down so that’s how I took the photos. This painting is the result of that day and my new fascination of bull and bronc riders. Here we have a rider waiting for his turn to come up coupled with the thoughts that go with it. Turquoise being my favorite color, this subject was an easy choice for color. Contemplation embodies the thrill and the rush of the wait.

KATHY HARDER • WAOW Associate • CA • www.kathyharderstudios.com For 20 years, California artist Kathy Harder has been fulfilling her dream as a land steward on her mountain ranch in the old oak forests of California. With the sta bilization of her homestead, she has found “a return to source” in her artwork, a reconnection with her materials and a “spirit journey” with the animals she documents. Her subject matter has come from her strong link to both the wonder and power of nature.


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