52nd National Catalog


15” x 15” — Watercolor $1,650

When I was visiting my sister living in Texas she immediately scooped me up and whisked me away to the local, colorful, attractive Fort Worth Stockyards. So much flavor. Fort Worth embodies the authenticity of the true West. Of course to emphasize the town’s flavor, the Texas Longhorns are driven twice a day through the stockyard area for all to enjoy. This painting represents the cattle coming down the railroad ramp and the walk into town. I used an abstract background to give an emphasis on the cattle along with the rider. I chose not to use the town so the idea is the cattle are company for the rider.

KATHY HARDER • WAOW Associate • CA • www.kathyharderstudios.com For the 20 years, California artist Kathy Harder has been fulfilling her dream as a land steward on her mountain ranch in the old oak forests of California. With the stabilization of her homestead, she has found “a return to source” in her artwork, a reconnection with her materials and a “spirit journey” with the animals she documents. Her subject matter has come from her strong link to both the wonder and power of nature.


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