52nd National Catalog


The teepee has become an iconic symbol of the American West. One of the attributes of the teepee was its mobility which was ideal for the nomadic lifestyle of the Plains Indians. The teepee provided shelter and protection from the elements. This was a plein air painting I did in midmorning. I liked how the light fell on the teepee and the warmth I saw. I wanted the design to be vertical to keep my focus on the subject matter. I kept my color palette simple to create unity in the composition.

10” x 8” — Oil $3,000

SARAH HARLESS • WAOW Associate • OK • www.sarahharless.com Sayre, Oklahoma artist Sarah Harless draws attention to the simpler ways of life, and the natural beauty of the Western atmosphere provides a serene backdrop. “I like the more traditional ways of life and simpler lifestyle when people lived off the land. We don’t get time back and it is vital to me to use my time wisely,” says the artist. “I think my artwork captures some of the old ways that are still part of a tradition and lifestyle from the earlier generations. Sarah pays tribute to the traditional beauty by photographing and painting the people, rain, livestock and nature that are at the center of the gifts God gives


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