52nd National Catalog


Ask any child what their favorite class is in school and chances are they may reply “Recess.” Recess, fifteen blessed minutes of no work, all play and imagination for a child. My painting Recess is about finding those brief moments in life to unwind, reconnect and recharge. I wanted to show that small space of time when obligations are temporarily suspended. What beauty can be found in moments of “pause?” How do you spend your recess time?

18” x 12” — Oil $1,100

JENNIFER HARTZLER • WAOW Associate • PA • www.jenniferhartzler.com Jennifer, a native of Central Pennsylvania, is trained in representational art with a BFA in Fine Art Painting from Rochester Institute of Technology. Exhibiting nationally, Jennifer is an associate member of Women Artists of the West and a signature member of Cowgirl Artists of America. Jennifer Hartzler is a high school art teacher and lives in Belleville, Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.


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