52nd National Catalog


The Hereford has always been my favorite breed of cattle to paint. When I was growing up I spent most my summers on our family’s ranch and the Hereford was their breed of choice. against the landscape in any season. Their coats are longer and thicker in the winter. I was visiting a ranch on that January day and was so inspired by the color of her coat against the gray skies and landscape. The moment I saw her, I knew she would become the subject of one of my paintings. Her name comes from the family that owns the ranch where she grazes the pastures. The red and white coats of the Hereford cattle are so beautiful

20” x 16” — Oil $1,800

BECKY HICKS • WAOW Associate • TX • www.beckyhicksfineart.com Becky, An associate member of WAOW, is a national award-winning artist from Texas. Her work was featured on the cover of The Cattleman magazine in August 2016. She works as a full-time artist and enjoys teaching oil painting workshops. While oil is her main medium, she also enjoys painting in watercolor and sculpting.


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