52nd National Catalog


24” x 24” — Oil $5,800 Along our Eastern coastline are numerous old fishing villages and harbors. Many of these vessels are time worn and show the years of their seafaring days. On this day, the cumulus clouds were rising along with the summer heat. I wanted to capture the drama, the ever-changing atmosphere and activity of this harbor.

PAULA HOLTZCLAW • WAOW Master • NC • paulabholtzclawfineart.com “I choose to paint what is beautiful and meaningful, knowing that this act of celebrating and communicating the beauty in this world has the power to uplift and inspire.” North Carolina artist Paula Holtzclaw has gained a national reputation for her ability to capture the drama of nature on canvas. She is most widely known for her landscapes where her fascination with light and atmosphere is most evident. A recipient of notable awards and publications, Holtzclaw’s paintings are included in national juried and museum exhibitions.


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