52nd National Catalog


11” x 15” — Watercolor $4,000

I am fascinated by threshing machines. Until 1965, a few were still working fields near my home. Hors es pulled wagons with sheaves of grain until tractors took over in the 1940s. Farmers helped each other. Tractors also turn leather belts that turn the wheels to operate the machine. Sheaves are pitched onto a conveyer that carries it to a shaker to separate it. The chaff is blown out through a chute onto the ground. Grain pours into a wagon and fills burlap sacks. The thresher traveled between farms. After the harvest, farm kids climb inside to clean the working parts and the machine is stored until the next year. These antique mechanical machines are the inspiration for my watercolor painting, Wheels of Time.

JENNIFER HUNTER • WAOW Signature • IL • www.jenniferhunter.co Nationally recognized artist, Jennifer Hunter, is known for her storytelling of American history. She studied classical painting at the prestigious American Academy of Art under the legendary drawing instructor, Bill Parks. Hunter earned signature status with Women Artists of the West, Western Colorado Watercolor Society, American Plains Artists, and others. She was chosen for an artist residency at Rocky Mountain National Park. In 2011, she was a guest on the live talk show “Colorado & Company” on Denver’s NBC affiliate, KUSA.


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