52nd National Catalog


11” x 15” — Watercolor $1,420

What’s more mood-lifting than a sunflower in bloom? A sunflower loaded with butterflies. They feel like bundles of sun and joy. Years ago I grew some sunflowers and happened to arrive at the garden as several butterflies were feasting on the sunflowers’ nectar. They were busy enough that they ignored me when I returned with my camera and documented their dancing. The curlycue background additions mirror their circular flight as they flitted around sampling nectar and taking breaks. I love starting my paintings by smearing on paint. Then I lift and carve out of that dense pigment. This allows me to sculpt shapes, vary colors and move away from copying photo references. Gradually I layer and glaze more color as I see fit.

JEANNE HYLAND • WAOW Master • NM • www.jeannehyland.com Jeanne has taught watercolor painting nationally and internationally while serving on BODs of National Watercolor Society and WAOW. Educated in the US and Belgium, she holds a sculpture BFA (University of New Hampshire) and studied at the École des Beaux Arts, France. Her work has been seen in The Best of Watercolor: Splash 23 presented by The Artists Magazine (2022); National Watercolor Society; the First 100 Years (2020); NWS; Portraits and Figures Invitational (2017) and International Artist Magazine , Florals (October, 2017).


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