52nd National Catalog


Painted on my 60th birthday, the summer solstice …. to celebrate

summer and to kick off of a year full of positive potential. I painted Birthday Peonies in the alla prima style. I wanted to just have fun exploring color and light while maintaining form on this still life. My intention was to keep this fresh and impressionistic while paying special attention to the surface quality of the petals versus the reflective hard surface of the glass vase. The play of warm and cool colors was also especially interesting to me as I wanted the colors to sing and to bring joy and lightheartedness to the viewer like a fresh bouquet of peonies on your tabletop!

12” x 9” — Oil $1,100

ROSE IRELAN • WAOW Associate • CA • www.roseirelan.com I am inspired to portray wonder and magic in my paintings I enjoy capturing Nature’s rich, rugged and delicate displays of light through the use of color, light and brushwork. I want my paintings to convey the emotion that one experiences from the terrain, the sea, and the wind and the moment. I am a student of nature and love to work from life “en plein air,” immersed with the elements of raw energy, light and Natures tapestry of complex colors. “I think of painting like music you can see. Each nuance and harmony is important and works together to make a painting work.”


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