52nd National Catalog


I join the league of painters who believe that connection with nature is the embodiment of truth and fulfillment in life. I have made a conscious decision to contribute beauty to the world through my art. I find camaraderie with landscape artists who work quietly in spite of a backdrop of world crisis – reminding us of what is important.

26” x 20” — Pastel $2,200

KATHERINE IRISH • WAOW Associate • NM • www.katherineirish.com Katherine knew she was an artist from an early age. She studied art in New York and Europe, where she also frequented museums and galleries. She began her professional career as an artist, painting New Mexico landscapes in 1982. Previously painting in oil, she discovered the beauty of pastels in 2002. She is an award-winning artist who has exhibited in galleries and juried and invitational exhibits across the country.


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