52nd National Catalog


10” x 20” — Colored Pencil $2,600

I was intrigued the very first time I held these spurs, even more so when I was told they originally belonged to Ben Johnson the actor and cowboy. Looking closer, I noticed a maker’s mark and started researching, discovering the mark was the signature of fellow cowboy and rodeo rider Roy Robinson, and that Roy created spurs and bits to supplement his rodeo income. I knew eventually they would find their way to my easel. While beginning my creative process, setting up my subject, lighting and composition, my thoughts turned to the stories these spurs could tell. I knew I wanted to honor these men, both the cow boy who commissioned these spurs and the artist who created them. I am thrilled with my finished piece.

TONI JAMES • WAOW Associate • AZ • www.tonijamesstudio.com Born in Arizona and growing up with a pencil in her hand, Toni found her inspiration in Arizona’s beautiful skies, its varied landscapes, wildlife, and the people who call it home. Self-taught, she works predominantly in dry mediums although she has begun exploring painting mediums. Toni is a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and a juried associate member of Women Artists of the West.


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