52nd National Catalog


14” x 20” — Oil $1,015

It was early summer and I was just heading out to the garden, when along the way, I looked across our field to see this amazing view. A coastal breeze was blowing gently across the waves of grass which were just setting their seed heads. Abandoning the garden shears, I set up to paint “en plein air.” The cloud layers beckoned across Saratoga Passage, to the islands beyond. All of those layers of texture and color made such a delightful view. Painting this piece was one of those experiences where time seems to disappear, and the beauty around me just carried me away with brush in hand. Final brushstrokes of sunlit distant clouds and the rooftop of the neighbor’s barn completed this amazing morning scene.

MELISSA JANDER • WAOW Signature • WA • www.melissajander.com Melissa Jander is an award-winning Pacific Northwest artist creating oil paintings full of color and emotion. She holds a liberal arts degree from Washington State University and a combined art education through The Art Institute of Seattle, Gage Academy, Loveland Academy of Fine Art and private instruction. Melissa is a signature member of Women Artists of the West, and associate member of American Impressionist Society, and Plein Air Washington Artists.


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