52nd National Catalog


20” x 16” — Oil $2,595

I was in Europe. As I walked past this tunnel, the sun was shining in a way that was just magical. I snapped photos and tried to record notes on colors, feelings, sounds, smells. I wanted to convey every little detail of that moment in this painting. Two minutes later, that light was gone.

DEBRA KEIRCE • WAOW Associate • VA • www.DebKArt.com Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Debra has painted realistic fine art since the 1980s when she worked as a biochemical engineer in New England. In 2010, she turned her passion for the visual arts into a full-time career. Now, her oil paintings whisper stories to you. Classical realism teachings are the foundation for her process. She embraces the traditional, vintage and surreal in her sometimes quirky paintings. All are worthy of contemplation.


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