52nd National Catalog


I have painted many horses and burros in my lifetime, and I have a special fondness for the beautiful burros here in New Mexico. Chica rescue burro who was adopted by a wonderful couple. Burros make great companions and are usually sweet and gentle. Chica Bonita often stands watch and protects a pasture buddy who was adopted after being abused, standing over the tiny, sleeping burro to shade him from the sun. Chica Bonita knows what it means to be beautiful…and now also knows what it means to be loved. Bonita is one of my favorites, and is a

10” x 10” — Acrylic $950

CAROL KELLEY • WAOW Signature • NM • www.ckelleyart.com Carol began painting with her artist parents at the age of 8. She is a signature member of Women Artists of the West, and an associate member of Oil Painters of America. Her work has won many awards, but the best award is when someone loves one of her paintings enough to take it home. Carol’s studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico is filled with sunlight and music as she creates the images that inspire her artistic spirit.


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