52nd National Catalog


10” x 22” — Acrylic $1,400

I have a great love of bird art, but I went off script with this moose in the wild. I am especially intrigued by wildlife and the plight of those endangered animals that need protection. My polar bears have been well-received in the Endangered Species World. I tried something different with Dining al Fresco after extensive study of moose in the wild. These fearsome animals are especially captivating in their calmer moments. My medium is acrylic on stretched canvas and I love the feel of the brush against the give of the canvas. My creatures seem to work themselves, like magic, to the surface of this substrate. This painting was also recently featured in Acrylic Works 9 , a yearly art magazine published in September 2022.

REENIE KENNEDY • WAOW Assoc. • CA • www.reeniekennedy.com Reenie Kennedy is an award-winning artist with a particular emphasis on wildlife and florals, which she often combines. Her work has been prominently featured in noted art publications and important traveling exhibitions. Her memberships include the prestigious International Guild of Realism, WAOW, The California Art League, The Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League, and a signature member of The International Society of Acrylic Painters.


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